Utah Tech University offering free pop-up community classes on AI this spring

As the use of generative artificial intelligence continues to build and more questions surrounding its implications arise, Utah Tech University is offering a free community AI class throughout the Spring 2024 semester.

Building off the success of the AI pop-up community class offered in the fall, this class will be offered most Wednesdays at noon in Room 106 of Utah Tech’s Science, Engineering & Technology Building. While the class does have limited seating, it is free and open to all community members. With a pop-up format, attendees are welcome to pick and choose which classes they attend.

“AI is pervasive and it will be everywhere sooner rather than later,” Konnor Young, the course instructor, said. “These classes will be a great opportunity for people who are already interested in AI to understand how it works and discuss ways it could be used.”

The class will be largely discussion-based, focusing on topics like prompt engineering, app-building and coding with AI. This course aligns with Utah Tech University’s polytechnic mission, emphasizing hands-on learning and career readiness. Utah Tech remains dedicated to offering open, inclusive and comprehensive educational opportunities to students and community members. Learn more at utahtech.edu/polytech.

The class schedule for the Spring 2024 semester is as follows:

  • Jan. 17: Prompt Engineering for Learning
  • Jan. 24: Custom GPTs and OpenAPI
  • Jan. 31: Custom GPTs and OpenAPI
  • Feb. 7: Custom GPTs and OpenAPI
  • Feb. 14: App Building with AI
  • Feb. 21: LLMs in Python (Langchain, Agents, RAG)
  • Feb. 28: LLMs in Python (Langchain, Agents, RAG)
  • March 6: LLMs in Python (Langchain, Agents, RAG)
  • March 20: LLMs in Python (Langchain, Agents, RAG)
  • March 27: Prompt Engineering for Learning
  • April 3: OpenAI API (GPT-4-Turbo, Function Calling, GPT-4v)
  • April 10: OpenAI API (GPT-4-Turbo, Function Calling, GPT-4v)

Click here to learn more about each session’s discussion topic.