Dixie State partners with Cicero Group to research the impact of the ‘Dixie’ name

Dixie State University is partnering with Cicero Group, an independent research firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, to conduct comprehensive research that will help the institution and its governing bodies understand the positive and negative impacts of continuing to include “Dixie” in the University’s name.

Through this process, Cicero will take an unbiased approach through primary research to examine the regional, state, and national impacts of continuing to include “Dixie” in the name of a four-year public university. The firm will conduct qualitative research via in-depth interviews and focus groups and quantitative research through online surveys and corresponding data analysis. As part of the months-long process, Cicero will survey a wide range of voices from various populations to ensure the full impact of the “Dixie” name is appropriately represented.

Dixie State University is commissioning this impact study to be attentive to the current dialogue regarding racial symbols and terms, and we are likewise sensitive to the affinity that many have for the Dixie name. We value and respect the rich pioneering history reflected in the local use of the term, and we understand the negative connotations associated with the term as well. Conducting this research is not indicative of a move toward changing the name of Dixie State University. At this time, no formal process is in place to change the name. Ultimately, the power to rename a state institution of higher education belongs to the Utah State Legislature with input from the Utah System of Higher Education.

Dixie State University recently announced its new academic focus and strategic plan to become an open, inclusive, comprehensive, polytechnic university. We are committed to expanding our capacity to offer affordable, active, and meaningful educational opportunities and preparing a highly skilled workforce for our growing region and state. DSU is deeply appreciative of the community’s continued support in this effort. Great things are in store for the future of Dixie State and southern Utah. It is our goal to ensure our University is the best it can be for Trailblazers for generations to come.