Dixie State University’s statement regarding institutional name

Dixie State University leaders are mindful of the current, widespread national and local dialogue regarding racial symbols, terms, monuments, policies, names and more. In addition, we are cognizant of and sensitive to the multiple meanings associated with the name “Dixie.”

There is a widely embraced, local sentiment toward the word Dixie that represents the rich pioneering heritage of sacrifice, determination and generosity of our early settlers. The unwavering dedication of our founders and community paved the way to make Dixie State the flourishing University it is today. We respect the regional meaning of Dixie adopted by many, describing the local heritage and honoring the men and women who settled the beautiful St. George area. Additionally, we understand that to many others, the term Dixie stirs negative connotations associated with discrimination and intolerance.

We support these discussions. As an educational institution, we are dedicated to listening and learning as part of our commitment to cultivating an environment where all are safe, supported and thriving.

In that spirit, DSU is closely monitoring this situation, actively gathering information and assessing all viable options to ensure our campus is a welcoming environment for all. Despite current media coverage, there is no formal process in place to change the Dixie State University name at this time. The power to rename an institution ultimately lies with the Utah State Legislature, which would receive input from the Utah System of Higher Education. With our strong relationships among state leaders and community partners, we will continue to provide all pertinent information we can on the topic.

We appreciate the passion many have for our institution. We value your opinions and ask for mutual respect as we exchange differing viewpoints and collectively work to make our University the best it can be for current and future Trailblazers.