DSU’s Atwood Innovation Plaza welcomes new start-up company with timely product

St. Dixie State University’s Atwood Innovation Plaza continues to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the region and is pleased to welcome Steribin™ as the newest company to incubate at its facility.

Steribin has developed a patent-pending device capable of sanitizing airport security trays within seconds. With rising concerns throughout the travel industry of viruses and bacteria being spread at airports, Steribin believes its product is a solution to help reduce this problem. Using high-intensity pulse lighting, security trays can be sanitized quickly, without disrupting the flow of passengers.

“This device has the potential to drastically reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in airports around the world,” Steribin Chief Executive Officer Jon Cole said. “The people and resources at DSU’s Atwood Innovation Plaza have been key to our ability to develop this game-changing product.”  

According to DSU’s Director of Innovation, Guidance & Support, Dr. Wayne Provost, who has been involved in the Steribin development process, the concept was initially presented to the DSU Mentors Group at Innovation Plaza. Cole, one of the DSU mentors, liked the idea and rented space at Innovation Plaza to incubate it.

Once developers gained proof of concept by running tests through the DSU microbiology lab, they began working on its initial prototype – which they plan to have completed in March – using the equipment available through Innovation Plaza’s Makerspace. Steribin is also beginning talks about the device with airports and regulatory bodies nationwide.

“I know of no other place where we could have done everything we have done except at DSU's Atwood Innovation Plaza,” said Provost, referring to the development of the Steribin device.

Steribin has also voluntarily committed to donate a portion of its profits to Dixie State University’s Innovation Foundation to help fuel additional innovation and growth in the St. George area.

In addition to the Makerspace, Atwood Innovation Plaza is home to the Business Resource Center, which supports the creation and growth of local companies. Through no-cost business counseling and support, residents can take an idea or prototype and launch an LLC, secure a patent or trademark, pitch for funding, write a business plan, create a marketing strategy and scale a business. The co-location of the Business Resource Center and Makerspace produces a true one-stop-shop for local innovators.

For additional information about Steribin contact CEO, Jon Cole, at jon@steribin.com or visit Steribin.com. To learn more about DSU’s Atwood Innovation Plaza visit innovation.utahtech.edu.