Veterans Success Center to host Veterans Day service, open house

The Dixie State University Veteran Success Center will hold a Veterans Day service and open house on Nov. 10. The service will honor veterans in the Dixie State University and St. George communities. Set to take place at 9 a.m. on Nov. 10, the service will be held in front of the Veterans Memorial on DSU’s North Encampment Mall. The community is encouraged to attend. Utah State Sen. Evan Vickers will serve as the featured guest speaker. Dixie State President Richard “Biff” Williams, Vice President of Student Affairs Peter Gitau and veteran student and staff members will also present. “This is a time for us to honor the living who remain and remember the fallen who no longer stand with us,” Jonathan LaForce, a Dixie State University veteran student, said. The community-wide event will also serve as the official open house for the university’s new Veteran Success Center, which is located in room 117 on the first floor of the Val A. Browning Learning Resource Center. Opened this August, the center offers advisement, academic and benefit assistance, and more to veteran students at Dixie State. Also celebrating the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, the event will include a traditional Marine Corps cake-cutting ceremony immediately following the service. “For those of us who bear the title U.S. Marine, the birth of the United States Marine Corps is an especially sacred day,” LaForce said. “No matter their color, creed or social status, the Marines are unified across generations of time, transcending all boundaries. It is an indelible part of who we are.” For more information about the Dixie State University Veteran Success Center, visit